mural on the facade of the Romanian Pavilion in Giardini di Castello, Venezia

The equilibrium of the universe lies in the paradox that most things in life are not distributed evenly and the "just" balance of things, the 50:50 ratio does not exist. Following the Pareto Principle, we try to trace this asymmetry in our lives and balance various aspects of how we live, think and act.
The last version of 80:20 that we developed especially for Venice Biennale, comments on the mission, structure and potency of this institution. We confront 80% of reasons to be in the Venice Biennale with 20% of reasons why not to be there. The slippery aspect of these lists is that the reasons "against" can be seen as the reasons "pro" and vice versa. In these listings we want to speak out for ourselves as artists, as women, as easterners, but also to tackle the conscience of the depraved artworld. Furthermore we intend to create a situation of solidarity (with both those included and not-included in the Biennale), to uncover the skeletons of the power structures, to form a Temporary Autonomous Zone, to confess without expecting absolution. And, after all we want to pussify this choking-on-money mercantilist fossil.