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Blondness is often a question of culture rather than nature. Hair color has long been a marker of intellectual and emotional qualities. Blondness became the physical incarnation of stupidity while the dominant portrayal of the blonde is someone who is sexually giving and somewhat dependent on men.
Blonds are one of the few safe targets for joking in a politically correct society. These jokes are usually misogynic and silly, asking the listener to imagine stupidities so incongrous as to be absurd. They emphasize stupidity and sexuality almost to the exclusion of other negative traits which constitute 4 percent of less of the corpus of blonde jokes, whereas stupidity and sexuality are 51 percent and 28 percent, respectively.
The rise of the blonde has been one of the most striking features of the 20th century. The jokes on them erupted during a period of radical expansion in the political and economic roles of women. Today, googling "blonde jokes" delivers about 13 800 000 hits.
Haiku is a collection of altered universally notorious blonde jokes. Using Google translate we transformed them from the original English language to Japanese and back. Due to inability to get the essence of the jokes, the automatic software created texts which lost their original content, but became charged with poetic quality resulted out of disfunction.

Something is, brunette and brunette.
of the blonde of the blonde..?
Blonde Cartwheels.

The orange juice why is enormous,
stare of the woman of the blonde.
Because that being said, 'the concentrate'

Something goes then stop, then
and it goes, it stops?
Blonde of red light of blinking.

Is the song of blondes
of the taste a certain child?
The lump dumps my me.

Being connected by the lipstick body of green,
it has why blondes?
That the meaning red average making halt.

Those why the highest
access "twinkie" of the blonde.
She liked the fact that it is complete in the cream.

The scar of Ohio state of the blonde is high,
why the navel.
Oven that of her boyfriend is proper with the blonde!

Something use of blonde
for protecting between property?
Bus criticism.

Is thought being safe,
the meaningful blonde?
Lock of door of car.

How the blonde which is fridge
you had known?
Lipstick of cucumber!

As for blonde halt why using the pill?
It meaning that
that continued to descend.

Are the blonde and the difference which have expansion
the possible doll?
Approximately two cans of hair spray

The speech of Confucius;
There is a crack in the upside-down growing
or, everyone's blonde

That reaches to blondes,
something is public land of the cow faucet?
Those both become easier loading than age

That reaches to the screen door,
something is public land of the blonde?
If it hits to that eagerly, more it becomes looser.

Some difference is the blonde and boring sphere?
That these fingers cannot put 3
in just boring sphere.

You heard concerning the non punched tape of the blonde?
She passes the Easter bunny and Santa Claus
and the time.

Does the guy of the keratin
how put together rescue?

During assholes morning something does the blonde?
Justify lunch,
send those to job.

Is that multiple because of certain bellybutton?
That gives the place to the blonde
in order to park her rubber of manner.

The blonde of the pigtail
something is accessed?
Shocking job of handle stick.

Something is public land in the blonde
and instantly victory lottery ticket?
Scratch the box simply in order to win.

Ask the time,
to the hand of the blonde in regard to the person?
When her mouth which has been hurt starts.

The zit thing where the blonde is not slow,
is accessed?

Why like the door knob,
is there a blonde?
It meaning that everyone obtains revolution.

Blonde one asks another ones:
It is the brewing machine non punched tape?

Something does blonde morning most with?
It introduces her,
herself walks to the foam/home.

How the blonde
of her knee is obtained?
It comes.