whitedwarf thegut bonegeometry thepropheticroom banskastanica tapestry pixel prophecy yYy oOo ⏅ prophecy of things darkness things in our hands the reconciliation of yes and no whats what attention, here and now boys, here and now! No-what Nowhere into Something Somewhere totems strip, map and sample Down is the New Up caryatids when you’re adibas… nom de guerre clash! politiques de l’amitie never odd or even vessel death defeats, creates, repeats either way we lose Down is the New Up after the order A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z try again. fail again. fail better. dreamcatcher 80:20 before or after freedom trash can memory without history who, if not us, when if not now “the far from you manifesto of futurist woman how to make a revolution all periods in capital haiku here and elsewhere when labour becomes form the trivial few after the order never odd or even capital private collection dialectics of subjection #4 dialectics of subjection #2 how to make a revolution unconfortable heritage “porn” “porn