fabric for shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic fields and low-frequency electric fields, grounding, wood, aluminium, canned food

We're safe where we cannot be seen.
Everything that is visible can be pictured, copied, posted, checked, converted to goods. The tools that control the visible world are invisible.
We live in a world of post-visibility, the real battle takes place on a field that eyes cannot see.
We exist in a sea of invisible waves, they penetrate through: skin, fat, muscles, veins, bones.
Inside the body there is darkness, the kingdom of imperceptible processes.
In the visible world, we need invisible allies, probiotic barricades.
Of all the magic tools we would most want the cloak of invisibility.
Invisibility is resistance.
Invisibility is a dead angle in our rationality, it is the center of ecstasies and exceses, enzymes and endorphins.
It is the only place from which we can make any constructive change.
Let’s shape and change consciousness under the guidance of the invisible and its transformative power.
The eyes are conductive and blind at the same time, they convey us illusion.
We have blind ideas, blind aims, blind consciousness.
Invisibility is anonymous and transcendental.
Touching the darkness.

photo by Peter Snadik