Nothing Nowhere into Something Somewhere
urine with muscimol, sugar, gelatine
collaboration with Agnieszka Brzezanska

Amanita muscaria mushrooms are dried in the sun or roasted over fire and ingested either alone or as an extract in water. Through the drying process the mushroom's toxic substances are neutralized and chemically transformed into muscimol, a psychedelic constituent. The psychoactive substances of Amanita pass through the body unmetabolized, in urine. The psychedelic effect can be recycled up to five times in this manner, and is less likely to cause the nausea provoked by the direct consumption of the mushroom itself. Thus, the ceremonial use of Amanita developed a ritualistic practice of collective urine-drinking. Many historical accounts mention Siberian tribespeople waiting outside huts where mushroom sessions were taking place, waiting for the celebrants to come out and urinate. When they did, the warm urine was collected in wooden bowls and greedily gulped down.
Inspired by the practice of ancient knowledge-seekers and their (preter)natural guides, we collected our urine after ingesting fly agaric mushrooms and manufactured jellies out of it. Following an alchemical process of transmutation, we dissolved and filtered the psychoactive compounds through our organisms and coagulated them into edible sculptures. The material body has been spiritualized and the spirit has been materialized. Blending matter with information, the jelly sculptures carry the potential to put one into a metaprogramming state. A tiny step over the threshold to an non-human conscience; a foundation for new human consciousness. The solidified and sculpted mind-altering liquid is passed on to the visitors, as an invitation for a participative mind-body learning and an attempt at a direct and authority-free dissipation of knowledge.